Rolflex Pro | 3 Roller Combo | Hard, Firm, Medium Density

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  • THE ONLY FOAM ROLLER that uses leveraged compression to adjust pressure while foam rolling anywhere.
  • INNOVATIVE ERGONOMIC CLAM-SHAPE DESIGN allows Athletes to effectively foam roll 95% of the body
  • THE NEW DUAL STABILITY ROLLERS allow for even deeper trigger point therapy than the original Rolflex
  • 3 ROLLERS, 3 VERY DIFFERENT DENSITIES AVAILABLE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS - Our Orange Contoured Roller is the same density as a standard lacrosse ball. The Green Contoured roller is the original foam roller that is 30% less dense than the Yellow and is great for self-massage.



Now, utilizing its new dual stability rollers (DSR), the Rolflex Pro sets the bar even higher. Unlike anything else on the market, the Rolflex Pro—a pressure-based leverage therapy tool—focuses on muscular tension with a more balanced approach and pinpoint accuracy. The DSR enhancement allows an individual to concentrate their foam rolling around extremely hard to reach joints, such as the knee and elbow, more than traditional foam rolling devices. With the Rolflex Pro users get all the added benefits of the dual stability rollers without compromising portability. Just toss it in a bag, brief case or back pack and self-massage anywhere, anytime with the ability to foam-roll over 95 percent of the body.