Medium Density Green Contoured Foam Roller

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Our 4” Green contoured roller is rated C45 on the Asker scale which is considered MEDIUM density. This Green Roller came with the original Rolflex and was a favorite among all users that wanted a well-rounded tool that aided in their performance as well as recovery. The firmness is not too hard and not too soft; the perfect balance for the weekend warrior or elite athlete.
  • HELPS WITH MUSCLE ACTIVATION, and laser-focused trigger point therapy
  • FULL 2 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY - Deep Tissue Foam Roller for back, arms, legs, neck, calves, feet, and hands
  • RELIEVE MUSCLE TENSION and increase blood flow. Myofascial Release. Trigger Point Therapy
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: All Rolflex Interchangeable foam rollers are made with non-toxic EVA materials that are free of latex.
  • EXPERTS AGREE: Our Foam Rollers are recommended by both professionals and trainers alike for self-acupressure targeting trigger points and rolling out tough muscle adhesions