Highest Density Orange Contoured Foam Roller

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Our 4” Orange contoured roller is rated C75 out of 80 on the Asker scale which is considered HARD density. It is the same density as most lacrosse balls. The contoured shape with protruding center roller acts the same way a message therapist's thumb would when rolling over muscular tension. 
  • HIGHEST DENSITY  Our Orange Roller is the same density as a standard lacrosse ball
  • HELPS WITH MUSCLE ACTIVATION, muscle stripping, and laser-focused trigger point therapy
  • FULL 2 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY - Deep Tissue Foam Roller for back, arms, legs, neck, calves, feet, and hands
  • RELIEVE MUSCLE TENSION and increase blood flow. Myofascial Release. Trigger Point Therapy
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: All Rolflex Interchangeable foam rollers are made with non-toxic EVA materials that are free of latex.
  • EXPERTS AGREE: Our Foam Rollers are recommended by both professionals and trainers alike for self-acupressure targeting trigger points and rolling out tough muscle adhesions