Rolflex Pro w/ Locking Adapters | Hands, Arms, Legs, Feet

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The Rolflex Pro is perfect for runners, climbers, wrestlers, cyclists, tennis players, mixed martial arts, and anyone looking to comfortably and effectively perform self-massage and trigger point techniques on their hands, arms, legs and feet (H.A.L.F). 

Major Difference: This version of the Rolflex Pro has lock adapters installed so the arms of the device stay together at all times. You have spoken and we heard you; the only complaint we have received from our newly designed Rolflex Pro is that the roller arms separate. This model w/ locking adapters solves that.  

  • The Rolflex Pro’s clam-shaped roller arms provide significant leverage, allowing users to clamp down and adjust the pressure to their liking or tolerance level. This is directly in contrast to foam rollers or lacrosse balls which are completely dependent on gravity.
  • The Rolflex Pro’s ergonomic design enables the user to effectively self-massage over nearly every muscle of the body, including hard-to-reach areas such as elbows and knees.
  • The new dual stability rollers on the one side of the product allow for even deeper trigger point therapy than the original Rolflex—relaxing muscles and alleviating pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release.
  • The compact design of the Rolflex Pro makes it convenient to take and use anywhere—at work, the gym, home, and even while traveling.
    • With the Rolflex Pro, anyone can do customized myofascial release therapy which is easy to learn, self-administer and can be implemented within minutes watching the online videos.


The Rolflex Pro is unlike anything else on the market. The Rolflex Pro is a pressure-based leverage therapy tool focused on alleviating muscular tension. Just toss it in a bag, brief case or back pack and self-massage anywhere, anytime.